kiosk design / branding

Peace Park

Inspired by locally beloved Dolores Park in San Francisco, Peace Park is the embodiment ofits name, a place where you can hang out, enjoy refreshments and unwind. This branding and elements of this cafe aims to capture this essence of relaxing at a park with your favorite drink with a lounge area that represents grassy hills. The cafe’s CBD drinks support relaxation and pain relief, a feeling I strived to convey visually.

To visualize positivity and peace through Peace Park’s branding (above), the logotype for the brand utilizes an elegant and airy typeface, and imagery of two hills incorporated with the curves of the type. The main colors remain neutral to reflect a sense of nature while reflecting the seriousness of consuming a supplement such as CBD. The kiosk (below) was created using CAD modeling program Fusion 360.

Peace Park’s branding is also applied to their CBD cafe drinks, which can be printed on coffee sleeves. The sleeves have the same mahogany wood texture as shown throughout the kiosk, with the logotype in light beige.