Environmental Protection Agency

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, was rebranded as a system to be used in conjunction with its sub-brands, or departments. The EPA’s mission is to protect human health and the environment through laws and regulations. I wanted to represent the three main environmental areas, which are also three of their departments: land, air and water. Here are a couple of my initial ideas:

While conceptualizing (above), I first wanted to the logo to be a globe made up of suggestions of land, air and water, which I could use as individual elements in my sub-branding system. Another Idea was more abstract, which was to illustrate those elements and have them be “conserved” by the orange scoop. Finally (below), I decided to implement the universal symbol for conservation in a rounded triangular shape, and create a cyclical look with each color representing land, air and water. Additionally, the negative space in the center represents a shield, a symbol of protection. This silhouette was then applied to the sub-brand departments within the EPA. The current logo that the EPA uses in shown on the left for comparison.

As part of the EPA’s branding, the logo became the face and structure of this brochure. This brochure was designed to not only educate people on the services that the EPA provides, but also contains handy practical information related to what the EPA stands for; it can be kept and referred to, and be read like small handbook in spreads, or it can be unfolded to see all the information at once.