Beverage PACKAGING design


Nootropics are a class of non-toxic, naturally occurring and manmade supplements, or smart-drugs, that give cognitive benefits to the human brain. ELEV8 is a line of nootropic drinks that are specially formulated to cater to the 3 specific enhancements: cognitive learning, productivity, and stress relief. Using Fusion 360, this  project allowed me to meld 3D design with packaging graphics to push this concept of going to great heights. 

ELEV8’s logotype typeface was chosen for a modern yet elegant look to emphasize the brand’s future-minded concept. The bolded 8 in the logotype separates it from the rest of the word, and is mirrored through the bolded B’s in the drink names. The colors of the drinks portray the different flavors in vivid yet slightly muted colors that distinguish each flavor and function.

Each bottle has a minimal and unique design that reflects the function of each drink. The “L” in ELEV8’s logo extends around the entire bottle and then upwards at the front of the bottle to the bottle cap, furthering the concept of elevation.

As an extension of ELEV8’s marketing, here is specially designed puzzle ring teaser to test one’s cognitive abilities that is in the shape of the 8 in the branding.  This would be intended to be a promotional item for the launch of the brand.