smart home application / ux/ui


“Dome,” meaning home in Russian, is a smart home app that provides a hub for people to manage, connect to, and control a variety of home safety and optimization devices. The color palette and clean UI is designed to be reachable to renters and homeowners ages 18-65. Rooms and devices are largely represented by icons and digestible sets of choices are shown at each step of the smart home device installment process.

Home Screen
User can log in or sign up for an account

Access smart home devices categorized by which rooms they are in

Devices in Room
Choose a device within a room

Choose a Room
Choose a room where the new device will be installed

Add a Device
Add a device to a room

Connect a Device
Connect a device to the app, or purchase a device

Manage a Device—Thermostat
User can adjust thermostat settings

User can configure settings, manage multiple users, and view past activity

All activity is recorded and can by viewed in a journal format